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Opening Reception Date: Thurs. Aug 31
Extended AHP Reception  Sat Sept 2
End Date:  Tues. Sept 31

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The date is set for the Hetzel Art Gallery and AHP (artisherepartnership) soft opening show
"Head in the Clouds"

In 2019, at our first little studio on 25th St, the first themed show was Head in the Clouds.  It still remains one of the favorite events we've ever had.  We met and worked with so many talented artists that we still work with today. These artists will be part of the new chapter at Art House Project at the Woolen Mill.  It has come full circle, and what a wonderful theme to revisit for the opening of Hetzel & Art House. Not only for our veteran artists who were there then, but the new artists and patrons we have worked with since.

We all dream, and sometimes we dream big! Head in the Clouds is a perfect celebration of determination, perseverance, and culmination of hard work by artists, patrons, students, friends & family over these past 5 years. 


Come be part of this beautiful and diverse show! and celebrate this next chapter with us.

This is a free, family friendly event.


See you soon~


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