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Rebecca Hetzel Fowler (Reb. Hetzel)

Becky is co-owner of Hetzel Studios. A local Cleveland TN artist, and a wife and mom who is very proud of her two young men.

Her first favorite medium is Soft Pastel, the medium in which she's done the majority of commissioned portraits in. She has done portraits for over 25 years and was so focused on perfecting that skill, she regrets in some ways of not spending more time creating what she finds inspiring in nature and other painting interests.  

She recently pondered the question of "What is the difference between creating a Portrait in Photography vs. Painting a portrait?" 

It took her longer than a minute, but came to the conclusion that while photography is a respected form of art expression of taking something physical and transferring onto 2D paper or canvas. A Painter has to combine both skill of line and perspective but then has more freedom to add or erase, exaggerate or ignore that which is actually there. It is quite a commitment of time and challenge and she says "it's that moment when the person is looking back at you (the eyes are always the most important) and can finally say "by golly! I think I got it!" It's that feeling of accomplishment that by using a pigment of color and paper was able to capture the likeness of another person. that's the addiction! and why she says I keep going back! 

She's also thankful for ties that doing portraits has brought her in creating relationships over the years, I've made a lot of new friends this way."

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