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Hetzel Art Studios is a working art studio and gallery owned by sisters, Rebecca Hetzel and M.B. Hetzel.  They are both residents of Cleveland Tennessee and have worked locally for the past 13 years, working in the Ohio Valley previously.                                                                           

They are the great great grand daughters of famed Pennsylvania naturalist landscape artist George Hetzel on their father (Frank Hetzel's) side.

They grew up surrounded by art and paintings from both Geo. Hetzel and his daughter Lila, both in their home and all the homes of the Ohio Valley Hetzel families.  They pay homage to the "Hetzel Studio" in Somerset Pennsylvania by naming their studio the "Hetzel Studio" as well.

This lineage contributes to an important aspect of their mission statement, which is a desire to empower women and young girls in the arts. George's daughter Lila was the only painter of all his children and he witnessed first hand the struggles of a female painter in the late 19th and early 20th century.  He co-founded the Pittsburgh School of Design for women and instructed classes there as well. Both Rebecca and Beth are to their knowledge, the only known descendants in the region to be working painters.


With 30 years of professional artistry experience, we look forward to not only sharing our works, but also those of talented artists in our community and surrounding areas. It is our mission to create a supportive and creative environment for local artists to show and sell their works. We look forward to teaching classes, having frequent art shows and empowering painters and artisans of all ages and experience levels. 

George Hetzel Self Portrait
L.B. (Lila) Hetzel portrait by George He
hetzel sign
Hetzel Inn/Studio Somerset PA
hetzel studio logo
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