An Artist From Emotion

R. David Scherrer creates art that is reflective of his life's journey and the spirit of his soul. Images that emerge from the artists dreams and subconscious mind challenge the viewer to search for the unexpressed, the silenced.


David expresses himself using bright colors and textures. For him, its a way to take the unpleasant dreams and images in his mind that he finds unattractive and reversing those images into something much more beautiful. For David everything has meaning and using acrylic paint he can intertwine those meanings.


David is a natural born artist and has been producing sought after works for more than 15 years. He has received several awards and has been chosen as best in show numerous times. Additionally, several articles has been published on his work. The most often heard comments after one of David's shows is how Inspirational he is. Currently calling Tennessee home, you can find his work online and in many galleries throughout the United States

Join us for the solo art exhibition of Chattanooga fine arts painter R. David Scherrer.  This is a free, family friendly event, with a Q&A artist discussion at 4:30 and 6:30.  Masks required for safety and refreshments are provided.  See you soon !~

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