Lin Buckner / Old Soul Gallery

 I am a visual artist, writer, and musician from Southeast Tennessee. I have an academic background in Anthropology, but my marriage to the arts started young. My first loves were music and the written word, so early in life I was drawn to songwriting and storytelling. I became a poet and got lost in worlds of philosophy and mysticism, lands that I still often frequent.


I never went to art school, so my path through visual art has been one of slow discoveries. My favorite mediums are oil painting, pen and ink, and tattoo. I became immersed in the body art world in the late 90s, and have worked as a tattoo artist since 2005. I own a business in Chattanooga called Old Soul Gallery, which serves as my own private studio, where I mainly do paint, body art, and publishing projects. 


I am inspired by many things, including nature, culture, dreams, spirituality, and travel. My latest obsession is natural building. I also spend a lot of time thinking about how much I want a puppy, and wondering why the fat kid inside me is always so hungry. 

Lin is currently creating at Old Soul Gallery in Chattanooga TN and accepting commissions.  Contact at