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Christmas Gift Baskets


Every basket includes:

* an 8x10 canvas with a design already on the canvas ready to paint. 

* 12 pack acrylic paint set

* set of at least four brushes (depending on design)

* plastic water cup and palette plate 

AND CANDY to celebrate your masterpiece.


There are several designs to choose from. 

Skill level anywhere from beginner to advanced with links to watch a specific tutorial to help you get started on your design.

You can order online, 
 by phone or private message.

Becky # (423) 310-6713 or Studio # (423)641-1308

Pick up at the Hetzel Art Studio & Gallery



Add an additional canvas to your basket for $10.00 (basket with 2 designs $45)

If you already have paint and want to purchase just the canvas designs they can be sold separately for $15 


Designs: Skill Level

Hanging with my Gnomies....easy 

Snowman's Surprise.....easy. (some blending)

Little Christmas Church...easy (some details)

Poinsettias and Lights...any level but tutorial for more blending and details

My Chickadee... advanced recommended, but cute painting for any skill level. Tutorial for more tips and details.

More Tutorials ~COMING SOON~

Snowman's Surpise ~ speedlapse

Winter Church~ speedlapse

Snow Bird~ speedlapse

Hangin' with my Gnomies Part 1 ~ speedlapse

Hangin' with my Gnomies Part 2 ~ speedlapse

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