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Dancing Hands

The Movement

Celebrating African American Black History at Hetzel Arts Studio in Cleveland, TN


As we celebrate and honor African American Black History, we invite you to participate in a remarkable program that pays tribute to the rich history and achievements of African Americans. This program was put together by AHP resident artist, Lila Robinson and co-hosted by Hetzel Art. This program serves as an educational and artistic platform, showcasing the stories and experiences that have shaped the African American community.

Dancing Hands

An Educational Journey

The African American Black History program at Hetzel Arts Studio is a comprehensive experience that delves into the roots, struggles, accomplishments, and cultural contributions of African Americans throughout history.


Through performance, an art exhibition and an interactive workshop, we aim to educate and motivate individuals of all ages.



The Conversation

A Powerful Dialogue Between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

Join us for "The Conversation," a captivating performance exploring the contrasting yet complementary visions of these iconic figures. Presented by Lila Robinson and co-hosted by Hetzel Art Studio.




Travel back in time to 1965 and witness a thought-provoking exchange between two titans of the Civil Rights Movement: Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

Rev. Archie Smart and Rev. Cooper bring these historical figures to life in a staged dialogue that delves into their contrasting approaches to achieving racial equality, while highlighting their shared goals and respect for each other's perspectives.


Thi event is part of The Movement program and offers:


A powerful performance by talented actors.

*An insightful discussion and audience engagement.

*A chance to learn and reflect on the ongoing fight for justice.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore the complexities of the Civil Rights Movement and gain a deeper understanding of these iconic figures.


Limited seating available (70 seats!) - RSVP today! Text (423) 641-1308 to rsvp.


Additional details:


Date: Saturday, February 25th

Time: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Location: Art House Project Playroom, Hetzel Art Studio

Cost: FREE

Share this event with your friends and family! Let's come together to commemorate Black History Month and engage in important dialogue about equality and justice.

Upcoming Events

  • The Conversation
    The Conversation
    Sat, Feb 24
    Feb 24, 2024, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    Cleveland, Art House Project Incubator 445 Church St SE #2101, Cleveland, TN 37311, USA
    A powerful dialogue between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

FREE~ text (423)641-1308 to RSVP

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